Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 38: The Return of the Cooker, and the Use Thereof

It is back!  Turns out it was indeed just a fuse, so I can cook again, although the microwave is altogether dead.  Meanwhile, I have discovered that it is more than possible - despite reports to the contrary - to cook pasta in a slow cooker, at least on the High setting.

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The combination of being away for a week, and the lack of a cooker when I returned, means that I have the old left-overs problem with a vengeance.  So tonight I had to do some serious cooking.  Stuff to use up, see - specifically, 8 eggs.  I could bake like crazy, but your average cake or pudding only uses one or two eggs, meaning I would be up all night.  Alternatively,
the best and quickest way I know to use 8 eggs is quiche.

 The Good Quiche is something of a feminine rite of passage in my family.  Quite separately, while using and developing entirely different recipes, my mother, my sisters, and I have all evolved superb quiches.  Mine has in the past fed six hearty farmers in from the hay-making, and done so relatively cheaply too.  What's more, it can be eaten hot, warm, or cold (so it didn't matter when those farmers decided to turn up), and it it freezes really well.  If you let it cool, it can be sliced into 6-8 slices, which can then be frozen, and taken out as needed for a packed lunch change from sandwiches.

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I mostly make my quiche by instinct these days.  But this time I have dutifully measured everything, entirely for your benefit. Recipe posted above, along with another recipe for Cheese Pudding, which I made so as to make full use of the oven.  I am eating this slightly greasy mixture as I type!

Today's Expenditure: £7.95
(I got caught in a 'let's lunch' situation  at work, and had to buy food in a cafe.  Darn it.)

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