Frugal Shopping

For handy reference, I have decided to gather into pages all the frugality tips that I discover along the way.  These could take a while to fill up.

Shopping for Food 


  • Don't buy anything that counts as 'empty calories' - especially fizzy drinks.  They add masses to your bill, and for what? 
  • Do your basic shopping at your local Lidl or Aldi store, and then visit the larger supermarkets for anything else you couldn't find there.
  • Get to know your local ethnic shops.  Big supermarkets sell 'exotic' foods at high prices, so buy them where such foods are not exotic, but everyday. 
  • Allternatively, check out your local supermarket's "World Foods" aisle.  Never buy a small spice jar again!
  • More and more supermarkets are charging now for carrier bags.  Take your own.

Fruit and Veg
  • It sounds obvious, but buy seasonal vegetables and fruit.  They are always cheaper.
  • Avoid bagged salad.  The cheapest lettuce is usually Little Gem, or a simple round lettuce.  And they last much longer too.

  • Buy full fat - especially milk and yogurt.  It is usually the same price as low-fat.  This seems to go against all dietary advice, but it means you get a lot more calories for your money, and a lot more pleasure too.  Seriously, how much use is a fat-free yogurt?  If weight is an issue, just use less of it - it will fill you up just the same, and more cheaply.