Saturday, 6 August 2011

Day 36: A Gift for a 13 Year Old Boy

Yes, the summer birthday season is now half-way through.  Today was the birthday of my wonderful, macho, hard-working charmer of a nephew, who is now officially a teenager.  (He has been an unofficial one for some time now). 

Boys are tougher than girls when it comes to presents, just as men are tougher than women.  They just don't seem to care for the little trinkets that make girls' rooms so decorative.  Instead, they want sports equipment, gadgets, computer games, all of which cost a small fortune.  I would love to be able to present him with a game for his Wii, or a new football kit.  But it just ain't gonna happen any time soon.

So I have mulled over this one for weeks now, at times close to despair.  I already had a small item for him - a magnetic screw-holder for strapping round one's wrist when engaged in DIY, which I picked up for a couple of quid in the Co-op last January.  On its own, it is not terribly exciting, but it at least fulfils the 'useful' criteria.  I had thought of simply adding something else to his toolbox: however, he already has just about every tool under the sun, and those he doesn't have will be well beyond my pocket.

Luckily for me - not to mention his family - he is a lad who takes a great pride in his appearance.  The family shower practically has his name on it.  So while it may not be the most exciting gift in the world, I think that some suitably manly shower gel and deodorant will be appreciated.  I managed to pick up a Body Spray and Shower Gel set at Debenhams for £5.50, so added to the wrist strap, the boy is doing well out of me for a frugal year.  Though based on progress so far, I think I may have to revise my minimum gift spend upwards to £6.

Happy birthday, my boy! xx

Total Day's Expenditure: £6.29

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