Saturday, 6 August 2011

Day 37: A Gift for a 13 Year Old Girl

That's right.  Thirteen years ago, my sisters managed each to produce a child only one day apart.  At the time, Auntie Fran was in great practical demand, given that my mother couldn't actually split herself in two.

Last year's gift
- or something like it!
So today it is the turn of my niece and goddaughter to celebrate her birthday.  She is an absolute delight: not the girly type who wants trinkets and sparkly things, but one who nevertheless enjoys a well-chosen and tasteful gift.  Last year, for her twelfth birthday, I took her into town and let her choose a little silver ring - a pattern I shall repeat for my other two nieces when they turn twelve.  (A little celtic-style silver ring can be bought for under £6, btw.)

This year, she has taken up cross stitch.  Never one to do things by half, she took on a sampler for her first project, and taught herself as she went along.  I used to do a fair bit of cross stitch myself, although I have let this hobby lapse a little.  But when packing to move house, I came across my old threads.  A plan began to form ...

The internet is a wonderful thing, and some googling did indeed reveal that you can get free cross stitch patterns online.  The best site I found was the DMC site, which had some lovely designs, and prints out as very clear charts.  To buy all the recommended threads would be very expensive, but with a bit of work, I was able to match up the suggested colours not too badly with threads I already had in stock.  One problem is that the patterns don't tell you how many threads you will need, but my guesses should be close enough.  I then measured out the threads for her, attached them to a numbered card, bought a square of the recommended fabric for £3.20, and there she has a very nice present indeed.

Total Expenditure (includes card) : £3.70

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