Saturday, 9 July 2011

Day 7: Free Stuff

As I feared, there is no internet access at this conference centre.
The following pages were written daily, however, and uploaded all at once.

Today at the conference we made candles :/ (Yes, it is that kind of conference!) To be more precise, we didn't actually make the candle as such: rather, we were each given a white candle and some sheets of coloured wax and told to decorate the candle with something meaningful and our birth date. (Darn it - now you all know.)

So here is a picture of my candle. I did it rather hurriedly, and didn't take the time to trace shapes or cut out neatly like others did - but even so, I am quite proud of the end result. 

And the best part is, not only do we get to keep our candle, but we get to keep the coloured wax sheets too! Which means I now have a stock of free coloured wax. Add that to some cheap candles from Ikea, and with a little care, I can make some personalised gifts. And who doesn't like personalised gifts? They say 'care', they say 'time', they say 'love'.

They say 'cheapskate'.
Home tomorrow, arriving late.

Yours creatively,
Fran xx

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