Thursday, 14 July 2011

Day 13: Chocolate Cravings, and the Lack Thereof

Almost two weeks in, and I am quite astonished by the actual lack of chocolate cravings.  Considering that I used to get through at least a couple of bars a day, I was expecting withdrawal symptoms along the same lines as the cola ones.  But so far, nothing. 

Maybe it is because of all the wholesome food I am eating.  I really haven't been as hungry as usual.  But I admit it - the lack of desire for Dairy Milk may also have been helped by copious helpings of chocolate pudding.

Yes indeed.  Last Saturday, while using up the eggs, I made a chocolate pudding.  I actually doubled the quantities, because the original only used one egg, and I needed to get through more.  And it turned out huge!  It would have fed 12.  I have had to freeze some of it.

It strikes me that keeping a small supply of pudding is a very sensible move.  This recipe may be quite high in sugar and fat, but a portion genuinely fills one up, and so it is not 'empty calories' in quite the same way as a bar of chocolate.  It is also entirely natural and wholesome.  Pudding is also true comfort food, unlike these fluffy little desserts that never satisfy.  And the whole frugal project will be that much more bearable with a few treats along the way.

Recipe posted below!

Today's Expenditure (bus fares and one bread roll) : £3.41


Jane said...

You lose all my sympathy now in favour of jealousy. I seem to have no hope on the chocolate front. I've been reading your frugality with half a hope it will help me discipline myself to do something about the weight and cholesterol which have been creeping up on me over the last couple of years. I cam make progress on most things most of the time but not on chocolate. I suppose, at least, I'm not living in a country which would sell me tablet as well!

Fran said...

Ah, poor Jane. I am not taking any moral high ground here - as I said, I was on at least 2 bars a day before this month. Also, I suspect this time will not last, and I will soon be reporting on massive cravings.

But why not try the pudding method? Thinking about it, we have as a society generally cut puddings out of our meals as being too high in sugar and fat. All well and good: but then we snack on even higher sugar-and-fat foods such as chocolate bars and crisps (chips), that don't even fill us up. Maybe it is time for us to dig out our grandmothers' recipes again. :)