Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 3: Withdrawal Symptoms

Today has not been so good a day.  I've been battling with a headache for most of it.  And I know exactly the cause: I'm doing cola cold turkey.

I didn't use to drink so much of the fizzy stuff.  For a time, I only ever had a glass when out for the evening.  But I spent four months in the USA a couple of years back, where Diet Coke was on tap morning, noon, and night in the prepaid canteen, and I didn't hold back.  Since my return, it has seen me through long days and late nights on the PhD, the caffeine content keeping me awake long enough to finish another chapter.

But now, diet coke = empty calories.  And empty calories = waste of money.  Given that up to last week, I could easily spend about £7 a week on the stuff, I have excised it ruthlessly from the shopping list.  Actually, I am glad to do so.  Not only has it been doing nasty things to my purse, but also to my teeth, and no doubt to my innards too.  But right now my head hurts - and I want some really badly.

I am so glad I never started smoking. 

So I have had four paracetamol today, and am taking things slowly.  I need more sleep than I am going to get, because my work is sending me to Germany tomorrow, and I leave at a ridiculously early hour.  I don't know if I will have internet access at my destination, but I shall keep a careful diary and upload it when I can.  Let's see if I can negotiate the airport shops with my budget intact.

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