Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day 19: Moving Day

With apologies for the delay in posting.

Yes indeed - Moving Day has at least been and gone.  I am writing this, not in my new flat, but in the old house, which I have been hoovering and cleaning before handing in my keys for the last time.  It is now 9pm.

The day started at 7am, when after only about 2 hours sleep, I got up, showered, and then dismantled my bed.  Friend Nik had also stayed over, so we sorted out the last of the packing, and took a few items to the town dump.

The removal men arrived about 11am.  I used these guys:
They are the same people that I have used four times now, and they are very good value for money.  I don't have enough stuff to justify a full professional house-removal van, so these guys with their wee truck were ideal.  The first time I needed some men and a van, I went through Yellow Pages and phoned around, and theirs was the best quote.  They are still as cheerful and as reasonably-priced as ever. 

By 4.30pm, all the stuff was in the flat.  It is going to take an age to sort everything out, but that is a task for another day.  This day I had to get straight back in the car and go back to the house for some final cleaning.  This has now been achieved, and it is time to head for my mother's house for the night.

As you would expect, this has not been a cheap day.  I had some money set aside for the move, so it is not as painful as it looks, although I still list the cost here.  But I also had to fill up the car with some petrol, and buy in a ready-meal for my dinner in an empty house.  Hopefully this will be the end of such irregular days, and I can now settle into a routine in which frugality is more achievable. 

That's all for now, because I am very very tired.  Goodbye, little house - you have been a happy home. 

Petrol = £15.03
Food, etc = £3.19
Removal Van = £420.00
Council Parking Charge for Van = £40.00
Car Parking = £3.50
Total Expenditure = £481.72

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